The 2632 Gameday Experience

I'd say the majority of my O's game experiences begin at my friend Stacey's house. You may have heard of her.

I've lived in a variety of places that aren't MD or Baltimore since 1998 (DC, currently) and Mr. 2632 is not an O's fan. That means that a) I don't get to nearly as many games as I'd like to, and b) Stacey is my most frequent companion when it comes to Orioles baseball. Luckily, I also happen to really enjoy her company, so I'd say probably 80% of the O's games I've attended in the past decade have been with Stacey.

Back in the days when we were both young and single, there was a lot more pre and post-game drinking. Remind me to tell you about the time I got a Yankees fan kicked out of Max's in Fells Point, or the many nights that ended with me staying in Stacey's guest room. But these days I'll usually drive to Stacey's house and we'll ride into town together. Sometimes we can make a day of it and go to Nick's Fish House or something like that before the game. If Faidley's had more normal hours, I would go there before literally every single game, but as it is, it's mostly an Opening Day/playoffs/special occasion treat.

For in-game dining, I am big a fan of the crab dip waffle fries, and will choose a sausage over hot dog any day. My teenage step-son holds a place in his heart for the Orioles purely because of the crab mac 'n cheese hot dogs, though. I'll take whatever O's fandom I can get from him and if it's because of the food, so be it.

As for beer, The Flying Dog Dead Rise is my starter these days, though if it's hot and muggy I'll slum it with a Shandy or a Miller Lit. Once upon a time, I would go for a Boh. I guess those days are behind us. I switch to Diet Coke about halfway through the game since I'm driving back to DC at the end of the night.

Oh, and I usually get a scorecard and keep score through the games. If you're going to keep score, it helps to attend games with a professional like Stacey, because she can take over for you while you go to the bathroom or get more food.

So, in summary: I wish I lived in Baltimore and could go to more games, I enjoy crab-based foods, and Stacey is awesome.

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