Broktün's OPACY Game Day

As most of you all know, I live about 140 miles from Camden Yards, so my game day starts early. Drive time, at the absolute minimum, is 2 hours, so I plan for a three hour trip.

I usually go with my gals and wife. We like to leave Cumberland at 2pm for a 7:05 start to give us time to stop and visit my grandmother in Howard County on the way thru, and then continue the trip. I like to get to the stadium an hour before game-time. We usually go to weekend games because of various combinations of jobs and school, so parking isn't an issue. If we are not staying, I like to park at the University of Maryland garage on Pratt Street. We will stay at the Hyatt Regency at the Inner Harbor.

The gals like to stop at the little Baltimore Sports memorabilia store (look how high Brooks can jump!) on Camden St. Then, if my wife isn't with us, we will hang out in Pickles, my old pharmacy school days watering hole, for a drink. Then we will get some snacks at the tents between Pickles and Camden Yards.

I have become a fan of sections 334/336, and there is a Dogfish Head stand right there! Other than crab fries, or Boog's bbq, nothing fancy to eat. The gals usually stay in their seats as brokdaughter likes to keep score, but they may go wander around for an inning. Leaving from Pratt Street is a piece of cake. . .two lefts and we are back on MLK for the 140 mile return trip.

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