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Yovani Gallardo close to next step towards return to Orioles

There's no immediate timetable set for Gallardo's return to the Orioles, but he's getting close to when he can start playing catch again.

It's been more than two weeks now since Yovani Gallardo landed on the disabled list with what the Orioles called right shoulder bicep tendinitis. In that time, he has not even picked up a ball, although that will change on Saturday when he has his first session of catch.

Gallardo told Orioles reporters before Monday's game in Minnesota that he will have a couple of sessions with shoulder strengthening exercises on Tuesday and Thursday before his scheduled Saturday throwing. He added that he plans to continue the strengthening exercises even after he is back.

Almost immediately after being placed on the disabled list, Gallardo received a cortisone injection to help treat his problem. He's been on the shelf since then to make sure everything had calmed down.

The best case scenario for the Orioles is that Gallardo's stay on the disabled list gives him time enough to get in better form than what he had to begin the season. It wasn't a great beginning for Gallardo, but they're paying him for two years and they gave up their first round pick to get him. Those things can't be changed. There is still a lot of time remaining to salvage something from the signing.

That said, there's no time table for Gallardo's return, either. There is no rush to bring him back before he's ready, with Orioles starters acquitting themselves fine in his absence.