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Friday Bird Droppings: Ain't the beer cold?

Much ado in Birdland as the O's continue their winnng ways by vanquishing another hated foe and select three pitchers in the amateur draft...

Kim! Hyun! Soo!
Kim! Hyun! Soo!
Evan Habeeb-USA TODAY Sports

Beer for breakfast? Are you mad, Higgins? Calm down friends. I'm merely echoing the catchphrase of Hall of Fame broadcaster Chuck Thompson, who would be 95 today. By Thompson's telling, he used the phrase "when things were going especially well for the home team", which might apply to the Orioles right now...except they're on the road, but you take my meaning, yeah? In the last week the O's have defeated the Red Sox and the Blue Jays, taken a series from the Yankees and swept the Royals. More please.

Hearing from Rajsich and Sedlock after Day 1 of draft - School of Roch
First round pick compares himself to Jake Arrieta. Not lacking in confidence, this one.

Five things we learned Thursday: Baltimore Orioles are raking - SweetSpot- ESPN
Think of all they've done without Adam Jones and Pedro Alvarez doing much of anything!

Could/Should The Orioles Have Made Shields Swap? - Baltimore Sports and Life I think we all know the answer, here.

James 'Jimmy' Williams, former Orioles coach, dies at 90 - Baltimore Sun Williams was the first base coach for the '83 World Champion squad and was a Canadian Baseball Hall of Famer as well.

This Is Not The Home Run Derby Lineup, MLB Says
If Manny Machado wins the Home Run Derby, must credit Deaspin!

On this day in 2005, three members of the 500 home run club (Ken Griffey, Jr., Sammy Sosa and Rafael Palmeiro) squared off when the O's met the Reds. In 2010, Jake Arrieta notched his first major league win as the Birds defeated the Yankees. David Hernandez also was credited with his first major league save.

Another broadcaster, who also happens to have been one of the best hitters of the late era Weaver O's, Ken Singleton, celebrates a birthday today. Richmond native, catcher Hank Foiles was born on this day in 1929. Relievers Ken Lehman and Julio Manon are also June 10 birthday boys.