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MLB Draft results 2016: Complete list of Orioles picks

The Orioles picked 41 players in this year's draft. Here’s a complete list of who they are and where they came from.

The Orioles completed their 2016 draft on Saturday afternoon as they and the rest of the MLB teams burned through rounds 11-40 on the third day of the draft. This year, they were able to make 41 selections over the draft’s 40 rounds.

Most of the Orioles picks were pitchers. They drafted 14 position players and took 27 pitchers. Among the pitchers, 12 are left-handed and 15 are right-handed. For the position players, nine are infielders and five are outfielders. They did not select a catcher.

They picked 31 college players and ten high schoolers, with only three high schoolers in the first ten rounds. The others may be tougher signs. Of the college players, six came from the junior college ranks and the rest from four year schools. Ten are seniors, with one draft-eligible sophomore and the other 14 being juniors.

Recent history suggests that the Orioles will be signing a large majority of these picks. They’ve signed at least 30 players every year since 2012 when the current draft slotting system came into place.

There have only been two occasions where they failed to sign a pick in the top ten rounds, the most recent of which was last year’s second rounder, Jonathan Hughes. That gave them an extra second round pick this year. If a top ten rounds pick doesn’t sign, they lose the value of that draft slot from their draft pool.

Included in this year’s draft class are two sons of former Orioles: seventh round pick Preston Palmeiro, son of Rafael, and 13th round pick Brandon Bonilla, son of Bobby. The Orioles previously drafted the younger Bonilla in the 25th round two years ago.

The Orioles will have about $6.7 million they will be allowed to spend on these picks. Anyone taken from the 11th round and on can sign for up to $100,000 without counting against the bonus pool. They can exceed this amount by up to 5% without any lost draft pick penalties.

For some more information about the top three picks, take a look at my article recapping the O's draft day 1. And if you'd like to know more about the third through tenth rounders, you can read about them here.

2016 Orioles Draft Picks

Round Player Position School Hometown Class DOB Height Weight Bats Throws
1 (27) Cody Sedlock RHP Illinois Sherrard, IL Jr. 6/19/95 6'4" 205 R R
2 (54) Keegan Akin LHP Western Michigan Midland, MI Jr. 4/1/95 6'0" 200 L L
2 (69) Matthias Dietz RHP John A. Logan CC Orland Park, IL J2 9/20/95 6'5" 220 R R
3 (91) Austin Hays RF Jacksonville Univ. Port Orange, FL Jr. 7/5/95 6'1" 210 R R
4 (121) Brenan Hanifee RHP Turner Ashby HS Bridgewater, VA HS 5/29/98 6'4" 185 R R
5 (151) Alexis Torres SS Colegio Angel David Caguas, PR HS 12/12/97 6'0" 185 R R
6 (181) Tobias Myers RHP Winter Haven HS Winter Haven, FL HS 8/5/98 6'0" 195 R R
7 (211) Preston Palmeiro 1B NC State Colleyville, TX Jr. 1/22/95 6'0" 185 L R
8 (241) Ryan Moseley RHP Texas Tech Lubbock, TX Jr. 10/6/94 6'3" 190 R R
9 (271) Lucas Humpal RHP Texas State Corpus Christi, TX Sr. 9/5/93 6'4" 195 R R
10 (301) Cody Dube RHP Keene State College Windham, ME Sr. 10/21/94 6'1" 200 R R
11 (331) Zach Muckenhirn LHP North Dakota Delano, MN Jr. 2/27/95 6'1" 185 L L
12 (361) Max Knutson LHP Nebraska Arden Hills, MN Jr. 4/1/95 6'2" 205 L L
13 (391) Brandon Bonilla LHP Hawaii Pacific Univ. Sarasota, FL Sr. 10/21/93 6'4" 215 R L
14 (421) Ruben Garcia RHP Eastern Florida St. Coll. Port St. Lucie, FL J2 8/2/96 6'4" 190 R R
15 (451) Nick Jobst RHP South Carolina-Aiken Lake In The Hills, IL Sr. 4/20/94 6'2" 260 R R
16 (481) Willie Rios LHP Florida SW St. Coll. Waterbury, CT J2 2/6/96 5'11" 190 S L
17 (511) Tyler Blohm LHP Archbishop Spalding HS Millersville, MD HS 2/25/98 6'3" 185 L L
18 (541) Layne Bruner LHP Washington State Montesano, WA Jr. 9/24/94 6'3" 175 L L
19 (571) Cole Billingsley CF Univ. of South Alabama Cropwell, AL Sr. 5/29/94 5'10" 185 L L
20 (601) Yelin Rodriguez LHP PR Baseball Academy Arroyo, PR HS 11/3/98 6'3" 200 L L
21 (631) Chris Clare SS High Point Univ. Fort Mill, SC Jr. 11/24/94 6'2" 175 R R
22 (661) Nick Gruener RHP Harvard Miami, FL Jr. 5/16/95 6'0" 195 R R
23 (691) Tyler Erwin LHP New Mexico State Chandler, AZ Jr. 8/29/94 6'0" 185 L L
24 (721) Zach Matson LHP Crowder College Garden City, MO J2 10/24/95 6'3" 225 L L
25 (751) Will Toffey 3B Vanderbilt Barnstable, MA So. 12/31/94 6'2" 195 L R
26 (781) Jaime Estrada 3B Central Arizona College Compton, CA J2 12/15/95 5'10" 170 L R
27 (811) Daniel Bakst 3B Poly Prep Country Day School New York, NY HS 11/14/97 6'1" 190 R R
28 (841) Matt De La Rosa RHP Lenoir-Rhyne Univ. Austin, TX Sr. 11/15/93 6'2" 210 L R
29 (871) Wil Dalton CF Summit HS Spring Hill, TN HS 8/27/97 5'11" 195 R R
30 (901) Garrett Copeland 2B Austin Peay Bartlett, TN Jr. 2/22/95 5'11" 190 S R
31 (931) Jake Ring CF Missouri Ingleside, IL Jr. 8/11/94 5'10" 170 L L
32 (961) Ryan Mauch LHP South Hills HS Covina, CA HS 7/8/97 6'4" 185 L L
33 (991) Markel Jones CF Brunswick CC Shallotte, NC J3 8/8/94 5'10" 175 S R
34 (1021) Lucas Brown RHP Troy Univ. Acworth, GA Sr. 11/11/93 6'0" 185 R R
35 (1051) Tanner Kirk 2B Wichita State Lincoln, NE Sr. 8/14/93 5'11" 185 R R
36 (1081) Ben Brecht LHP New Trier HS Wilmette, IL HS 1/7/98 6'7" 200 L L
37 (1111) James Teague RHP Arkansas Bartlesville, OK Jr. 8/29/94 6'0" 195 R R
38 (1141) Collin Woody 3B UNC-Greensboro Tampa, FL Sr. 8/5/94 6'1" 210 R R
39 (1171) Seth Shuman RHP Valdosta HS Valdosta, GA HS 12/1/97 6'0" 190 R R
40 (1201) Joe Johnson RHP Erskine College Greenwood, SC Sr. 5/24/94 6'3" 175 R R

It's a lot of names, and while I wish them all best of luck in their professional careers, many of these are players who will be drafted and signed because somebody has to pitch for Aberdeen and play second base for Delmarva and so on. But maybe there's an overachieving grinder in the late rounds, like 42nd round pick Brad Brach. There isn't even a 42nd round any more.

The 17th rounder, Blohm, has a scholarship waiting for him at the University of Maryland. He'll probably end up going there, with the Orioles drafting him more a way of recognizing, "Hey, you're in our back yard and we see you."

If the Orioles are lucky, this draft class will turn out like the one of 2013, where several years later a number of the later-round picks still have at least a bit of prospect potential. The college signees will probably head for Aberdeen or perhaps Delmarva, while we can guess the high school players will debut in the Gulf Coast League.