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Friday Bird Droppings: Best revenge is living well

As the baseball world continues to be befuddled the Orioles' success, Dan Duquette calls the tune...

Patrick McDermott/Getty Images

To the surprise of some all many observers, perhaps even the most bullish partisan, the Orioles have a good chance to end June in first place. It hasn't always been pretty, but then the Orioles have never been a glamor club, really. Even the free agent heavy squads of the late 90s weren't stacked with slick, five tool players unless you're counting wily veteran Eric Davis (Brady Anderson's sideburns might protest that last point). Here we are, though: the team has weathered J.J. Hardy, Darren O'Day and Caleb Joseph's injuries, Manny Machado's suspension, the extended slumps of Adam Jones and Pedro Alvarez, the dumpster fire rotation (non-Tillman edition) yet still endeavors to persevere. Dan Duquette is no small player in all this, of course, and while he has his critics, it's hard to argue with results. What else do you want to credit? Magic? Grit? The Buck Factor? I dunno. I'm just trying to enjoy the ride.

If you're a fan of the Rays, this weekend's opponent, your mileage may vary. There's still plenty of season left to get back into the thick of it, it's just hard when your best starters are pitching like 4s and 5s and almost your entire starting outfield (and then some) is on the DL. More on this later today.

Say what you will, but the Orioles are doing something right | FOX Sports
Noted hater Ken Rosenthal grudgingly gives an approving nod to the Duquette "method."

Despite starting pitching woes, Orioles somehow stay in first | CSN Mid-Atlantic
It ain't exactly how Earl Weaver would have drawn it up (parts, anyways), but hard to argue with results.

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Adam Jones is starring atop the Orioles' order, racking up hits and running the bases with abandon. More important, the O's are winning with him there.

Janish: "It was a mutual want in terms of staying in the organization" - School of Roch
Paul Janish hearts Norfolk.

Baseball and the infinite sadness - Beyond the Box Score
An ode to everything that goes wrong.

On this day in 2012, Matt Wieters hit a two run homer in the eighth and the Orioles nipped the Nats 2-1, another one run win in a season in which they would tally an astounding 29 such wins.

Getting to 300 saves was once a milestone. Now guys like birthday boy Doug Jones have 300 saves. Frederick Keys manager Orlando Gomez turns 70 today. He's coached in the organization since 2007.