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Orioles Game 74 Game Thread: vs. Rays, 7:05

Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

What's better than winning one game in a day? How about a chance to win two games in one day? It's hard to sweep a doubleheader and it's also not common for any team to lose ten games in a row. The Rays have now lost nine in a row. Perhaps they're reeling and it's time for the Orioles to really take advantage of that, or perhaps the Rays are due to luck their way into a win.

There are some good things going for the Orioles tonight, aside from the general fact that they have a good team and a good offense and the Rays really do not have a good offense, and in addition their outfield situation is a mess. The best O's starter, Chris Tillman, will be on the mound for the O's, and only one reliever was used up in the day part of the doubleheader thanks to Kevin Gausman's 7.2 inning effort.

Also going in the O's favor is that they have some hitters with some decent numbers against Rays starter Jake Odorizzi. Whether that ends up mattering, well, that's why they play the games.

This post was finished before lineups were up, so I trust, given that you are a person of intellect and resources, that you will be able to find them on your own.