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FanPost Friday: Which minor leaguer do you root for?

Most of them will never make the majors, but we root for them anyway. Who is your favorite?

Mike Yastrzemski - Delmarva Shorebirds | Mandatory Credit: Joey Gardner Joey Gardner

Happy Friday, ladies and gents. Are you ready to write me a story?

Last week's FanPost Friday was, I thought, a good topic. I asked if you could back and change one play in Orioles history, what would it be? But it was victim to bad timing, being that it published at 11 a.m. on the Friday before a long weekend. As such, we didn't get too many responses. The ones we did get were good, and here they are:

If you have an idea for a story about one play that you'd like to change, but you didn't see last week's post because you were getting a head start on the weekend, feel free to write a FanPost about it! I'd still love to hear your ideas.

Today's new topic is about minor leaguers. We spend a lot of time romanticizing minor leaguers, telling their stories when they finally get that call up after so many years, or we track their every play because they are so-called can't miss prospects. We hang a lot of hope on these guys.

So my question is, which minor leaguer(s) do you most want to succeed for the big club and why?

For me, it's tough to narrow it down to just one because since I've been writing up minor league recaps for a few years, these guys start to endear themselves to me. But I'm guessing some of the guys I root for will overlap with you all, so I'll go with a lesser known player.

Lucas Long, currently of the Frederick Keys, was drafted in the 24th round of the 2014 draft. Lucas is not a guy whose name is mentioned often and he's not really considered a prospect. Not many guys drafted in the 24th round are. But he has steadily been working his way up through the system.

I like him, see, because we share a name. You guys with your Teams Mark and Steve and Joey, well I'll never have that. There was a Stacy Jones who appeared in four games for the '91 Orioles, that's probably the closest I'll ever come. But Long is a name that could appear in the majors, and if it does as an Oriole, you can bet I'll be getting his jersey. Who knows, maybe we're long lost relatives.

By chance I saw Lucas Long pitch when I went to the Keys game a few weeks ago. He pitched seven innings with only one earned run allowed. The Orioles could use a guy like that!

So which minor leaguer (or leagers) do you root for and why? Tell me about it in the FanPosts.