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Mark Trumbo delivers the Orioles record-tying home run

The Orioles now have a share of the June home run record, thanks to this Trumbo homer. Can they take the lead tonight?

In the history of Major League Baseball, no team has ever hit more than 55 home runs in the span of a single June. The Orioles, with a number of impressive multi-home run games out of their last several, have been steadily pulling themselves within striking distance of this record.

Until Sunday’s three home run performance, it seemed like the kind of dream you could joke about how it would be cool if they did it, but without ever thinking it might happen - especially with a Monday off day representing one fewer chance to hit more home runs.

As it turned out, the off day didn’t slow them down at all. Another three home runs in Tuesday’s game in San Diego suddenly left them one home run short of the record with two more games still to play.

Enter Mark Trumbo in the fourth inning of yesterday afternoon’s game, with the Orioles holding what was at that time a narrow 2-0 lead. And what does Trumbo do? He hits dingers, like this:

Not only did this give the Orioles a share of the record, it also gave Trumbo sole possession of the MLB lead in home runs for the 2016 season, at least for now. Trumbo’s home run was his 23rd of the year, pulling him ahead of Todd Frazier of the White Sox and Adam Duvall of the Reds, each of whom have 22. Another three players have 21 home runs.

The Orioles will face the Mariners tonight with one last chance to claim the record all for themselves. Don’t get cocky here, under any circumstances. That said, I will leave you with this fact:

Tonight’s Mariners starter, Taijuan Walker, has allowed 14 home runs in 75.2 innings pitched this season.

I just told you not to get cocky, and what did you do? Keep this in mind too: Walker, pitching at home, has held batters to a .225/.267/.351 batting line and has only given up six home runs in 49.1 innings.