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Manny Machado hit by headhunting Yordano Ventura, punches him in the face, throws him to ground

Yordano Ventura threw at Manny Machado on purpose. Machado really, really didn't like it.

Patrick McDermott/Getty Images

Yordano Ventura is a pitcher who is notorious in the game of baseball for intentionally throwing at baseball players once he gets angry.

Earlier in Tuesday's game against the Royals, Manny Machado was on the receiving end of an inside pitch from Ventura, who then promptly threw a pitch even further inside towards Machado. Knowing the score, Machado stared in at Ventura, clearly unhappy with the development. He eventually flew out in this at-bat and stared at Ventura some more.

In the fifth inning of the game, Machado came up to the plate with one out. Ventura fired the first pitch he threw, 99mph, right into Machado's back. No one, least of all Machado, had any idea that it was anything other than completely and totally intentionally done.

Ventura himself looked pretty clearly ready to go, as you can see in the below video, throwing down his glove and hat and feebly attempting to fend off the angry Machado, seen below:

Machado lands a punch and takes down Ventura in the donnybrook. That's about as much of a butt-kicking as you are going to get in a baseball fight. There will be suspensions and fines later,  of course, and Machado shouldn't have gone at the mound at all.

Machado and Ventura were both ejected.

The next two Orioles batters, Mark Trumbo and Chris Davis, both hit home runs.

Here's the full video of what has hilariously summed up as an "altercation":