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Manny Machado suspended for four games, fined $2,500 after brawl

Machado is expected to appeal the suspension, so maybe the Orioles will only have to miss him for a three-game series.

Manny Machado punches Yordano Ventura in the face Photo by Patrick McDermott/Getty Images

The verdict has been handed down for Manny Machado after his brawl with Yordano Ventura on Tuesday night. According to USA Today's Bob Nightengale, Machado has been suspended for four games and will have to pay a $2,500 fine for his actions.

From what Adam Jones said in his post-game comments following the brawl, Machado won't have to pay the fine himself anyway because Jones will be covering the payment.

Machado is in Thursday's Orioles lineup, a clear indication that Machado is appealing the suspension. That much is no real surprise. Players nearly always appeal, at least initially.

There are two reasons for appealing. One is that there is the potential that the suspension will be reduced by a game or two. The other is that the player can always drop the appeal later at a time where it may be more convenient for him to miss a certain stretch of games.

Also of interest to Orioles fans will be how many games Ventura will be suspended for his intentional throwing of a 99mph fastball into Machado's back, which sparked the brawl. That has yet to be announced.

Was that a shorter suspension than you feared? How many games do you think Ventura will end up having to serve?