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Home Run Derby 2016 Open Thread

The last time an Oriole won the Home Run Derby was 2004, when Miguel Tejada pulled off the title. For the fourth year in a row, the Orioles have a player in the derby. It’ll be Mark Trumbo looking to win the crown this time around.

The Derby gets under way at 8pm Eastern. It will air on ESPN and will be simulcast to, so you might even get to watch if you are a cord-cutter. This will entail putting up with the “Back, back, back, gone!” stylings of Chris Berman, so, you know.

For this year, the format will continue as last year, with head-to-head matchups rather than the whole field taking on one another at a time. Additionally, there will again be a time limit rather than a limited number of outs (non-home runs).

Each batter will have four minutes to hit as many home runs as possible. If a batter hits multiple 440+ foot home runs, he will get an extra 30 seconds of time. Whoever hits more home runs will advance in each matchup.

Trumbo, as the MLB leader, is the top seed. He will go up against Corey Seager in the first round. If Trumbo advances, he’ll face the winner of the opening round matchup between Robinson Cano and Giancarlo Stanton.

If Trumbo were to make it in the final, he would face whoever emerges from the quartet of Adam Duvall, Wil Myers, Todd Frazier, and Carlos Gonzalez.

The Orioles have unveiled a little promotion to where you can get some discounted tickets if Trumbo advances in the derby. Lower level tickets to six select (probably weeknight) upcoming games will be cheaper by $5 per round Trumbo advances.

You may recall previous years promotions have been $1 off per home run hit. I guess that resulted in too much savings. Anyway, the discount code “TRUMBOMB” will be activated tomorrow morning around 10am, according to the Orioles. If he doesn’t advance, it seems like nobody gets anything. Bummer.

Watching the derby? Join us in the comments