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Orioles announce Crush Davis bobblehead + bobbledog giveaway for August 20

A bobblehead dog wearing an orange cape - accompanied by Crush Davis - is one of the more unique bobbleheads in recent years.

Crush Davis and Samson bobblehead giveaway for August 20
Crush Davis and Samson bobblehead/bobbledog
Baltimore Orioles

If you are an avid collector of Orioles bobbleheads who’s been thinking, “I really want a bobblehead of a dog,” the O’s have got the giveaway for you. The August 20 game against the Astros will have a bobblehead featuring both Chris Davis - as Crush Davis, the superhero - and his faithful sidekick, Samson, the English bulldog.

The bobblehead will be given out to the first 25,000 fans age 15 and older on that Saturday night. That’s enough of a stock that you shouldn’t have to arrive as the gates open to get one, but if you get there late, you’ll probably miss out.

Oh, and what’s neat about this bobblehead is that Samson’s head also bobbles, so not only will you get a Crush Davis bobblehead in your collection, you’ll also add a bobbledog. That’s just cool.

In the release announcing the giveaway, the Orioles also announced that the 2017 Orioles Pet Calendar - featuring Samson for the last three seasons - will go on sale at the August 20 game. Proceeds from the calendar, as always, will benefit the Baltimore Animal Rescue and Care Shelter (BARCS).