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Monday Orioles lineup: No Chris Davis or Hyun Soo Kim

Chris Davis absolutely destroys Ivan Nova, but he's not in Monday's lineup due to a bout with a virus, according to O's radio broadcaster Joe Angel.

Jayne Kamin-Oncea-USA TODAY Sports

On Monday night, the Orioles will face off against a Yankees starting pitcher who has been very homer-prone this season, in the lefty home run-friendly confines of Yankee Stadium. Ivan Nova practically screams Chris Davis slump-breaker.

In particular, Davis has done well against Nova in the times they have faced one another. In 38 plate appearances against Nova, Davis has batted .281/.368/.625. That's feasting on a pitcher.

Davis, however, is not in the Orioles starting lineup. Neither is Hyun Soo Kim, a strong sign that his hamstring is not quite fully ready to go yet.

The problem for Davis, according to info that O's radio broadcaster Joe Angel relayed from manager Buck Showalter, is that Davis has been battling a virus and will be available off of the bench. So at least that doesn't seem to be any kind of problem that should last beyond a couple of days - or so we can hope.

Both Davis and Kim are listed among the reserves, which could mean they're available to pinch hit, or that the Orioles will have a very, very short bench tonight.

Here's how the O's will line up behind Kevin Gausman for Monday's game:

  1. Adam Jones - CF
  2. Jonathan Schoop - 2B
  3. Manny Machado - 3B
  4. Mark Trumbo - RF
  5. Matt Wieters - C
  6. Pedro Alvarez - DH
  7. J.J. Hardy - SS
  8. Nolan Reimold - LF
  9. Ryan Flaherty - 1B
I'm going to go out on a limb and guess that when Flaherty is your starting first baseman, that's not Plan A. In fact, it'll be Flaherty's first start at first base this season. That makes tonight's starting lineup the 70th different lineup that the Orioles have used in 91 games played.

Some other Orioles, including Wieters and Trumbo, have also done very well against Nova in their careers. The Orioles still have some guys here who can and should be able to do some damage against Nova, though you probably shouldn't expect much from Adam Jones (.515 OPS in 47 PA) or Manny Machado (.581 OPS in 23 PA).

Hopefully the absence of Davis doesn't end up costing the Orioles in the game.

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