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Ryan Flaherty batting against Aroldis Chapman: “Come on, motherf——”

You can’t say that on television, Ryan.

Let’s say you’re a major league bench player who draws the unfortunate duty of batting against Aroldis Chapman, a man who can throw a baseball 105 miles per hour - the fastest ever recorded in the Pitch F/x era. We’ll call you Ryan Flaherty.

And further, let’s say that you find yourself batting against Chapman with two outs in the ninth inning, on the road, with your team down by a run, and the tying run has made it to first base. All that Chapman is throwing is 100+ mph gas. That’s it.

Oh yeah, and on top of that, Chapman has got you in an 0-2 count. So you’re basically completely screwed. You have no chance. No one expects you to even make contact with the baseball, let alone put it in play.

What do you say to yourself in that situation to try to pump yourself up for the intense heat that will be hurled your way?

I just want to know, is this GIF perfection? The hilarious “Come on, motherfucker” followed by the face he makes? There is no topping this. A tip of the hat to @RantingOriole for capturing it in all of its amazing gloriousness.

Really, the only thing that could have made it absolutely perfect is if Flaherty had somehow followed up this moment by hitting a home run against Chapman.

Unfortunately for the Orioles, Flaherty hit a broken bat grounder to second base and the game ended. He made the Yankees work for it - the ball somehow grounded itself into the broken bat, twice, and almost slowed down enough for Flaherty to reach first... but then, almost only counts in horseshoes, hand grenades, and nuclear missiles.