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Wednesday Bird Droppings: The three-game losing streak blues

The Orioles have a bunch of guys hurt or sick and the ones who are left have forgotten how to score runs. Why does everything happen to us?

Hello there, Camden Chatters. The Orioles are having their troubles right now. If they lose tonight, they could fall into second place. Second place is the worst! Do you rememeber those No Fear shirts in the 90s? I had one that said "Second place is the first loser." Why did I wear that? Middle school Stacey was weird.

Anyway, the Orioles. They've lost three in a row and the players are dropping like flies. But at least Darren O'Day might be back soon!

If you have the stomach for it, check out Tyler's recap of last night's 7-1 loss. If you don't, head on into the links:

Brad Brach Made Trip From Bullpen Shadows to All-Star Limelight | Press Box
Drafted in the 42nd round, Brach probably shouldn't have even made it to the  majors. But here he is, and he is dominating.

O'Day will pitch Friday at Bowie - School of Roch
Darren O'Day will pitch a rehab game at Bowie on Friday and could be activated on Sunday or Monday. Do you think he can hit?

An Alternative Starting Pitching Solution | Camden Depot
This article suggests that despite his poor batting numbers, starting Caleb Joseph over Matt Wieters could help the pitching staff enough to make it worth it due to his defense.

Trey Mancini Talks About Minor League Success and Potential Promotion to the Orioles | Press Box
Mancini is also doing what he can to be a versatile position player, since first base is blocked by a large mammal for the next seven years.

Ellsbury Sets Single-Season Catcher's Interference Record - TKB
Jacoby Ellsbury has caused catcher's interference nine times this season, a major league record. His 23 career instances are second in baseball history to Pete Rose, who has 29. Rose played in over three times as many games as Ellsbury has so far.

Is today your birthday? Happy birthday! You have four non-descript Orioles birthday buddies! They are: utility man Alexi Casilla, who played for the Orioles in 2013 and one game of 2014; Spring Training super star Jake Fox; catcher Charles Johnson, who played for the O's in 1999 and part of 2000; and Mark Lee, who pitched in 39 games for the 1995 O's.