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Orioles Game 97 Game Thread: vs. Indians, 1:35

Evan Habeeb-USA TODAY Sports

I have this thing that happens every time the Orioles win the first two games of a series where I become convinced that they're going to lose the last game because it's hard to get a sweep. And that's true, it is hard to get a sweep, especially against a first place team like the Indians.

But then again, the Orioles have pulled off some longer winning streaks this year, including a seven game streak every month before, so it can be done. Sneaking a seven game win streak into July can still be done. Maybe they've got it started now. You never know.

I'd feel better about their chances, of course, if we didn't have the "Well, I guess if there's no one else to do it" spot in the starting rotation coming up for this afternoon's game. The spot is still occupied by Vance Worley for the moment. Can Worley navigate the Indians lineup and give the O's a chance to win? Hey, anything can happen...

The Indians are sending a former Cy Young winner, Corey Kluber, out for this game. That's a bit less encouraging, but Kluber has been markedly worse this season in day games, so maybe that means the Orioles offense will have more of a chance to destroy him. They'll probably need it.