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Independence Day Bird Droppings: Can the O's free themselves of a losing streak?

"Thomas Jefferson still survives..."

Jennifer Buchanan-USA TODAY Sports

I hate having to bust out the "not great bob!" .gif, but it's a pretty succinct way to express my feelings about the Seattle series. After a seven game win streak, the Orioles have dropped four straight and now head to Chavez Ravine to face the always dangerous Dodgers.

Anyhow, be happy and safe out there today. Enjoy some ball, eat a hot dog, quaff a watery domestic and hug your mother. America.

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On this day in 1944, Oriole Park, built for the Federal League burned down, thus facilitiating a move to Memorial Stadium.

Former GM Jim Beattie celebrates a birthday today. Beattie was part of the first brain trust in the Mike Flanagan regime. Babe Birrer was also born on the Fourth of July.