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Machado celebrates Schoop’s game-winning homer by tackling him to the ground

After Jonathan Schoop’s clutch go-ahead home run on Sunday, Manny Machado was waiting at home plate with a little something extra on top of the usual celebration.

No one will blame you if you gave up on the Orioles during Sunday’s game, either because you had a lot of other stuff to do in the real world or just because the Orioles were doing nothing to make you want to watch them. For most of the game, their play was not exactly inspiring.

You already know you missed the epic comeback from a 7-1 deficit to an 8-7 win, thanks to Jonathan Schoop’s clutch three run home run with two outs in the ninth inning, on what would have been Earl Weaver’s 86th birthday.

What you might not have seen is that, after Schoop set off that bomb, his 18th of the season, to give the Orioles the lead, Manny Machado, who scored on the homer and was waiting at home plate, decided to give his good buddy Schoop a little something extra at the end of their traditional home run handshake celebration:

What is that? Is Machado trying to submit his audition for a Ravens tryout? That’s better than your favorite football team’s fourth cornerback will end up tackling someone during this season.

This home run was so awesome, let’s run it back at regular speed to get a better look and also to re-live Gary Thorne’s unrestrained exuberance as the go-ahead dinger clears the fence:

Extend both of these guys forever, Orioles. I can’t bear the thought of being without either one of them. But take it easy next time, Manny. Don’t hurt each other in your excitement!