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Friday Bird Droppings: Round up the usual suspects!

A closer look at Dylan Bundy's starts; yet another opinion on Zach Britton's Cy Young chances; thinking about Dan Duquette's legacy...

Na na nanana!
Na na nanana!
Greg Fiume/Getty Images

If you were looking for signs that the O's aren't folding, last night would be a pretty good one, right? It's, of course, true that the Astros have been in a bit of a funk, but when has that stopped the Orioles from, uh, laying an egg before? At any rate, the ball was flying out of the yard, the Birds scored a ton of runs for Kevin Gausman and Chris Davis hit his second Eutaw Street dong of the week. Two homers for J.J. Hardy?! Couple more games like that this series and I'll be placated. You?

Orioles risk spoiling Gausman in 13-5 win - School of Roch
Risk? That's a chance we'll have to take.

Orioles' Zach Britton has been great, but is he Cy Young worthy? |
This is the story of the week, it seems. Would you care for another opinion?

The Orioles Have an Attendance Problem | Baseball Essential Wait, I mean THIS is the story of the week. Oh, I'm so confused.

Baseball Prospectus | Two-Strike Approach: Autumn Leaves Must Fall This was written before the Sox game, but shows a reason for concern with Dylan Bundy.

The So-Far Disastrous Crop of 2016 Free Agents | FanGraphs Baseball CC favorite Dave Cameron provides his take on the 2016 free agent class.

What more does Dan Duquette have to do to earn your trust? - MLB Daily Dish Some of your favorite CC commenters are quoted here...

J.J. Hardy would come out of pingpong retirement for Clayton Kershaw - Baltimore Orioles- ESPN So, J.J. "retired" from pingpong? Have the local beats been scooped again?

On this day in 1948, Ed Santulli of Rehobeth tossed the third no-hitter in four days of Eastern Shore League action. The Federalsburg A's were on the receiving end of two of them. Eventual Cy Young winner Steve Stone became the first pitcher to reach 20 wins in the majors on this day 1980.

Happy birthday J.J. Hardy! Seems like J.J. started celebrating early. Former O's farmhands Manny Hernandez and John Mariotti have birthdays today, too. Paul Mitchell and Luis DeLeon, bit players in the 1975 and 1987 seasons, respectively, also are August 18 birthday boys.