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Friday Bird Droppings

Machado v. Harper; Tommy Hunter's a free man...

Mitchell Layton/Getty Images

The Orioles will have to be satisfied with having taken three of four from the Nationals. They got not terrible starts from Ubaldo Jimenez and Wade Miley in the process and even made up some ground in the division. The Birds head to New York for the weekend to face a radically different squad than the one that nearly swept them in July. Ravaged by injuries and indifference, the Yankees have given the kids the keys to the car with some success. Catcher Gary Sanchez may actually be more than just a flavor of the month. How awful. Handle your business, boys.

Wrapping up a 4-0 loss - School of Roch
Max Scherzer's pretty good, Logan Ondrusek's...not and Adam Jones experiences the pain of being a grown up.

Indians Release Veteran Right-Hander Tommy Hunter
Do you think the Orioles would be interested in a reunion with the judoka?

Is Manny Machado becoming a better investment than Bryce Harper? - Washington Nationals- ESPN
I'd argue yes. No bias (and #nocancel). Regardless, I think it's safe to say that the cost of a Manny extension isn't getting any cheaper.

How Dangerous Is AL East's Red Sox-Blue Jays-Orioles Trio? | Bleacher Report
"The American League East doesn't get enough respect. Stop yelling back at your computer (or phone or iPad) for a minute and work with me on this." Yes, Danny Knobler! I'm with you!

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