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Orioles acquire Michael Bourn from Diamondbacks

Do the Orioles need another outfielder so badly? They seem to think they do.

The Orioles are apparently feeling bad enough about their outfield situation that even trading for Michael Bourn seems like a good idea. MLB Network’s Jon Heyman reported on Wednesday night that the team had agreed to a trade with the Diamondbacks to get Bourn in exchange for 2015 fifth rounder Jason Heinrich.

Here is Bourn in a nutshell: Since signing a four year, $48 million contract with the Indians before the 2013 season, Bourn has batted a combined .255/.312/.341. At one time, he was very good about stealing bases, stealing 61 in 2009 and 2011, but he hasn’t topped 20 since 2013.

Defensively, Bourn isn’t bad and remains capable of playing center field, so that is one area where he could have value in a bit of a limited role. With expanded September rosters, there’s not much cost to having him around for those limited situations.

It’s also possible that the acquisition - along with the O’s claiming Drew Stubbs off waivers from the Rangers earlier in the day - is a sign that the O’s are more worried about the condition of either Adam Jones or Joey Rickard than they’ve let on.

There had been hope for an early September return for Rickard, yet that doesn’t seem to be happening. And Jones remains out of the Orioles lineup on Wednesday night. Nolan Reimold being the Orioles center fielder is not a tenable situation, or at least not if they want to contend through September.

Heinrich is not much of a price to pay, so there’s no reason to panic about the trade right now. The 20-year-old outfielder has been playing at Aberdeen this year, where he’s batted .231/.301/.347. You may have never thought about him before and may never think about him again.