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GameThread for Boston Red Sox at Baltimore Orioles, Sep 19, 2016 7:05 PM EDT

I've said this a lot this year, but this is actually the biggest series the Orioles will play this year.

Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

Here we are, folks. The Boston Red Sox come to town with a three-game lead over the Orioles for the division. They will play four games while they are here. All the Red Sox need to do to stay in control of their fate is not completely fall apart. It's the Orioles who will have to force them to do just that.

Just last week the Orioles took two out of three from these Red Sox at Fenway Park. If they want any hope at all of winning the division they will have to win at least three of the four games in this series. There is no way around it. That's a very tall order, but maybe they'll do it! Anything can happen in baseball, you know.

Rick Porcello pitched against the Orioles last week and was outstanding. One home run by Mark Trumbo was the difference in the game that night. The Orioles will probably need to score more than that off of him tonight to get another win.

I won't lie, friends, I'm really nervous about this series. I'm sure you all are too. So keep your fingers crossed, say a prayer to the baseball gods, and try to keep the faith. Let's go O's!

Today's Lineups

Dustin Pedroia - 2B Adam Jones - CF
Xander Bogaerts - SS Hyun Soo Kim - LF
David Ortiz - DH Manny Machado - 3B
Mookie Betts - RF Mark Trumbo - DH
Hanley Ramirez - 1B Chris Davis - 1B
Sandy Leon - C J.J. Hardy - SS
Brock Holt - 3B Matt Wieters - C
Jackie Bradley - CF Jonathan Schoop - 2B
Andrew Benintendi - LF Michael Bourn - RF
Rick Porcello - RHP Dylan Bundy - RHP