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Friday Bird Droppings: Limping into the homestretch

Trey Mancini was the pretty much the lone bright spot in a humiliating sweep; Steve Clevenger puts the "pig" in Pigtown...

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The Orioles got swept, fell behind the Tigers in the wild card race and...well, do you need to know anything else? I'll spare you the "Not great, Bob!" gif, but the Red Sox series was a disheartening one on so many levels. At the very least, we saw Trey Mancini seize the opportunity afforded him by the season ending injury suffered by Steve Pearce. So, what do you think? Are the Orioles toast now or do you think they can manage to eke out a wild card berth? Would they be able to do anything with it if they could?

Mancini first Oriole to homer for first two hits, but O's lose to Sox - Steve Melewski
"Trey Mancini made some Orioles history tonight and he got his team right back in this game as well.".

Mariners catcher Steve Clevenger tweets protesters should be treated 'like animals'
Eesh. Trumbo deal looking better and better.

Scott Boras met with Duquette; no contract extensions looming - Do you think this was a productive meeting, a cordial exchange of bull or an extended staredown with the hand gestures?

Red Sox fans are 'vandalizing' the Camden Yards Wikipedia page - Baltimore Sun Oof. Just a little salt and a little lemon juice to go with that fresh wound.

Olson helps out with 'Pitch' - Daily Pilot Did You watch Pitch last night when actual baseball got too dark? Turms out the Otter had a paw in it.

Zach Britton on Sinkers, WPA, and the Cy Young | FanGraphs Baseball
Britton's a generally thoughtful guy and a good interview...good combination for a David Laurila piece.

On this day in 2013, Manny Machado's season ended when his knee buckled on first base as he ran out a groundball during a 5-4 defeat to the Rays.

It's the birthday of Pete Harnisch. The former O's first rounder logged 24 solid years in the majors, but only two and change with the O's because he was part of the disastrous Glenn Davis trade. Willie Greene and Marcelino Lopez also have birthdays today.