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Wednesday Bird Droppings: Losses are no fun

The Orioles needed to win last night, they didn't. That means that they really need to win tonight. But we have 12 hours until then, so let's read some links.

Tom Szczerbowski/Getty Images

Last night's game wasn't much fun. It really stinks when you wait all day for the game to start, anticipating that the Orioles might get something going and maybe tie for the first wild card, and then that's the performance that you get. If you missed last night's game be sure to check out Nick's recap.

Now let's get to the inks:

Dispute resolution expert backs MASN, Orioles in 'friend' brief - Baltimore Sun
Kenneth Feinberg is considered an expert in this kind of thing says that the Orioles were not given a fair hearing and that MLB "gnored fundamental principles of arbitration fairness and neutrality" at every turn.

Cal Ripken prepares to call MLB playoffs for TBS - Awful Announcing
Cal Ripken talks about how he prepares to do postseason broadcasting and what he tries to accomplish. He's not very good at this particular job, which is sad.

Injury to Nationals' catcher Wilson Ramos could be bad news for Orioles, too | CSN Mid-Atlantic
Ramos and Matt Wieters were set to be the only decent catchers on the free agent market, and now Ramos has a torn ACL. That could mean a big payday for Wieters.

Gonzalez looks to finish strong for Sox | Chicago Sun-Times
Miguel Gonzalez has 10 quality starts over his last 12 starts with an ERA of 3.98. Going to the White Sox has been good for him and I'm glad that he's still having success in the majors. I wish it was for the Orioles, though.

Chris Davis on ejection and more from the clubhouse - Steve Melewski
Chris Davis and Buck Showalter got cranky and were ejected from last night's games. Davis struck out three times and did not like umpire Will Little's strike zone. He had a point with the first two strikeouts, but the third (after which he was ejected) was pretty much textbook. See for yourself: strike out 1strike out 2strike out 3.

Is today your birthday? Happy birthday! our coolest Orioles birthday buddy is submarining relief pitcher Todd Frowirth. Frowirth, who turns 55, appeared in 186 games for the Orioles from 1991-1993 with an impressive 2.71 ERA. Also born today is relief pitcher Grant Jackson who played for the Orioles for six seasons from 1971-76. Finally, it's the 46th birthday of another relief pitcher, Mike DeJean. DeJean somehow made 37 appearances for the 2004 Orioles despite his 6.13 ERA.

On this day in 2011, Jonathan Papelbon blew the save against the Orioles to eliminate the Red Sox from postseason on the last day of the season. The Orioles finished the year 69-93, but I think that comeback win was the start of their winning ways.