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Friday Night Orioles Victory GIF Party: O’s beat Yankees, 8-1

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It is Friday night. The Orioles have beaten the Yankees. Their magic number is two. You know what must be done.

Jonathan Schoop celebrates after hitting a home run.
You hit a three run homer, you get a fist bump.
Photo by Al Bello/Getty Images

It is Friday night.

The Orioles have beaten the Yankees, 8-1, despite having to play a game in cold, rainy, and windy conditions in New York. Indeed, without regard to those poor conditions, the Orioles pulled off a THREE DONG INNING for the tenth time this season, racking up six of their eight runs on home runs by Adam Jones (solo, 29th), Mark Trumbo (two run, 47th), and Jonathan Schoop (Earl Weaver Special, 25th).

Yovani Gallardo held the Yankees to two hits in six innings. Really! Oh yeah, and as of this writing, the Red Sox are leading the Blue Jays, 5-3, in the seventh inning in Boston.