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New Year’s Day Bird Droppings

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Tampa Bay Rays v Baltimore Orioles
Photo by Rob Carr/Getty Images

All is quiet on New Year's Day

A world in white gets underway

I want to be with you, be with you night and day

Nothing changes on New Year's Day

On New Year's Day

Well, it’s not snowing in my part of MD, and I don’t know you personally, so we’ll skip the third line, otherwise, U2 pretty much nailed the off-season so far for the Orioles, aside from basically wishing Matt Wieters good luck in his future endeavors and signing a guy to replace him so well-known I’m probably going to misspell his first name half the time. Happy 2017, and let’s get to the news...and look, yesterday’s Bird Droppings are the first search result for “Orioles” in Google News. That’s a good sign. Sigh...

Wondering about your worries in a new year - MASN Sports

Roch worries about us, y’all, even when he’s on vacation.

Ricig's World Of Sports: A Look Back At Mike Ricigliano's 2016 Cartoons

Some include the Orioles, if you’re into that kind of thing.

Path to the playoffs for every AL East team - ABC News

“The Boston Red Sox were the AL East's top team in 2016, and after adding Chris Sale this offseason, they should be the favorites again in 2017. Can the Toronto Blue Jays or Baltimore Orioles keep pace, or will the New York Yankees move back into contention behind some of their young talent? What has to happen for the Tampa Bay Rays to get back in the mix in the division?”

Report: Royals could be interested in Pedro Alvarez - NBC Sports

Royals need a DH, and O’s want a resolution with Mark Trumbo before they get serious about Alvarez. Which means we’ll probably resign neither.

3 Remaining Needs: American League East - MLB Trade Rumors

Interestingly enough, starting pitcher doesn’t make the list.

Birthdays and History

Happy Birthday to former Orioles Xavier Avery (is he former or current or in limbo? I can never keep track), Fernando Tatis, and Foster Castleman. They share today with famous people including Lorenzo de' Medici 1449; Paul Revere 1735; scientist George Washington Carver 1860; FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover (U.S.) 1895; Sen. Barry Goldwater 1909; author J.D. Salinger 1919; rapper Grandmaster Flash 1958; actor Verne Troyer 1969; and director Paul Thomas Anderson 1970.

On this day in Baltimore baseball history...not much happened, actually.

On this day in world history...

404 - The last gladiator competition was held in Rome.

1772 - The first traveler's checks were issued in London.

1785 - London's oldest daily paper "The Daily Universal Register" (later renamed "The Times" in 1788) was first published.

1801 - Italian astronomer Giuseppe Piazzi became the first person to discover an asteroid. He named it Ceres.

1804 - Haiti gained its independence.

1808 - The U.S. prohibited import of slaves from Africa.

1863 - U.S. President Lincoln signed the Emancipation Proclamation, which declared that all slaves in the rebel states were free.

1898 - Manhattan, the Bronx, Brooklyn, Queens and Staten Island were consolidated into New York City.

1934 - Alcatraz Island officially became a Federal Prison.

1934 - The Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) began operation.

1968 - Evel Knievel, stunt performing daredevil, lost control of his motorcycle midway through a jump of 141 feet over the ornamental fountains in front of Caesar’s Palace in Las Vegas.

1992 - The ESPN Radio Network was officially launched.

2007 - Binney & Smith Company became Crayola LLC under its parent company Hallmark.

Consider this your discussion space for your favorite hangover remedies. Have a great 2017!