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Wednesday Bird Droppings: Mark Trumbo is still a free agent

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The Orioles should pass on Trumbo, a minor leaguer tries to strengthen his arm, and why haven't the O's signed Chris Carter? All this and more!

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It's another Wednesday, Camden Chatters. Halfway through the work week but still so far from baseball being played. I guess if you count spring training as baseball being played, we don't have TOO long to wait, but spring training is only exciting for the first hour or so, then it might as well not even be happening.

We're not lacking for links today, which is always a nice way to start the day. I did have one additional link but then I saw that the writer couldn't spell Wieters and he lost all credibility.

Baltimore Orioles organization discussion - Minor League Ball
If you're interested in talking Orioles baseball with the good folks at Minor League Ball, this is a fine place to start.

The Baltimore Orioles are smart to let Mark Trumbo walk - Outside Pitch MLB
This headline makes me nervous, as though the Orioles have already let Trumbo walk. They have not. He could still very well end up an Oriole, much to my chagrin.

Orioles pitcher Chris Lee seeing things differently this year - Baltimore Sun
This headline is a play on words, see. Because he got glasses. Pretty good read on one of the minor leaguers who might actually make it to the big leagues.

On the anniversary of their worst trade, here are the O's five most notable deals -
Dan Connolly counts down the top five trades in Orioles history. You probably know most of them, but it's always fun to reminisce.

O's keeping Mountcastle on shortstop throwing program - School of Roch
Now THAT'S a headline, Roch! Ryan Mountcastle wants to stay at shortstop but his arm strength leaves something to be desired. The Orioles are seeing what they can do about that.

Thoughts On The Orioles Rotation - Baltimore Sports and Life
This article both suggests that the Orioles need another starting pitcher (probably true) and that Jason Hammel would be a good choice (I'm less sold on that one).

Chris Carter is Still There for the Taking - Camden Depot
I'm shocked that the Orioles didn't swoop in on this guy the minute he was non-tendered.

Is today your birthday? Happy birthday! You have a very sad Orioles birthday buddies list. Three one-year Orioles who played a combined total of 29 games for the Orioles are celebrating with you. They are Greg Aquino, relief pitcher for the 2009 team; Carl Powis, outfielder in 1957; and Neil Berry, a utility guy for the inaugural team in 1954.