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Friday Bird Droppings: O's approach another preseason milestone

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Friday the 13th. The deadline for the O's to exchange arbitration figures with eligible players is 1 pm. This bodes well.

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Dan Duquette has sort of always marched to the beat of his own drum, and this offseason has proven to be no exception. From the outset of his O's tenure, he earned the "Honey Badger GM" moniker, because it was noted that he gave the appearance of not giving a...What have we seen the last few months? The gratuitous feuding with Joey Bautista; a seemingly aggressive PR component to Mark Trumbo negotiations and with several arbitration eligible players, the Orioles have decided to use the file and trial approach to arbitration. It will be interesting to see how many 2017 contracts are settled by today's 1:00 pm deadline.

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On this day in 1982, Frank Robinson was voted into the Hall of Fame. In addition to winning MVP awards in both leagues, Robinson also won the Triple Crown and was the first African American hired to serve as a manager in MLB.

Happy birthday, January 13th kids. You share your birthday with current O's reliever Oliver Drake and former O's reliever Odell Jones.