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Wednesday Bird Droppings: Still no baseball

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If you're longing for baseball, I know how you feel. Would you settle for some links?

David Seelig/Getty Images

Hello, Camden Chatters! We meet again. We now sit less than a month from the start of spring training, and less than three months from the first real baseball game of the year. still a long time. Sorry for bringing it up.

Would some links help pass the time?

Anderson on Mancini: "The guy can mash" - School of Roch
Brady likes what he sees from Trey Mancini and isn't opposed to him trying his hand at the outfield so that he can get more playing time.

One year later, assessing Chris Davis' club-record contract with the Orioles - Baltimore Sun
Chris Davis had an up-and-down 2016 after signing his big deal. Will it be worth it in the end?

The Bautista and Saunders news - and what it means for the Orioles' RF pursuit -
Dan Connolly takes a look at what outfielders are still available for the Orioles. He advocates for Angel Pagan.

Nailing Down the 2017 DH for the Baltimore Orioles - Baltimore Sports and Life
Some DH options for the Orioles, who I think might be better off finishing their on-field product and using the DH as a spot to give guys a rest.

Is today your birthday? Happy birthday! You have two very excellent Orioles birthday buddies in Brady Anderson and Scott McGregor! The two spent a combined total of 27 seasons with the Orioles and both appear on Camden Chat's Top 40 Orioles of All Time list.

It's actually a big day for Orioles birthday as five other less well known Orioles are also celebrating. They are: Mike Fornieles, a pitcher who spent two years of his 12-year career with the Birds; Mickey McGuire, a utility infielder whose two cups of coffee both came with the Orioles five years apart; Kevin McGehee, whose major-league career was five games longer than yours; Brian Falkenborg, who you don't remember because he only pitched in two games in 1999; and Brandon Fahey, who is pretty much the mascot of the dark days.

On this day in 2009 the Orioles traded for Felix Pie. I wonder how ol' Felix is doing.