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Monday Bird Droppings

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December 26th may be Boxing Day, but January 2 is just...January 2.

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Pickings are slim, but that shouldn't stop you from talking about baseball and other things. Are you working today? At work, but...y'know, not REALLY? Priming yourself for a day of crummy bowl games? If you're Dan Duquette, you're probably up to other things.

Sunday Notes: HoF Balloting, Managers, Pitchers Hitting, Spud, more | FanGraphs Baseball A little entry on the Orioles and team speed (fer crissakes!).

2017 Hall of Fame ballot: Picking my (virtual) 10 |
Jay Jaffe unveiled his HOF ballot complete with persuasive reasoning.

ABL Weekly Roundup: Week 5 and All-Star Game - Beyond the Box Score The Perth Heat are flailing and your Baby Birds are not really lighting it up.

Bill Veeck passed away on this day 31 years ago. Veeck was a noted character and the last owner of the St. Louis Browns before he sold them to the ownership group that would move the team to Baltimore. Some of his more famous stunts included signing midget Eddie Gaedel to play for the Browns and, in an effort to troll the Cardinals, hiring Rogers Hornsby as manager.

Garrett Stephenson celebrates a birthday today as does former, slugging minor leaguer Brandon Waring.