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Friday Bird Droppings: Holding out for a hero...or a bargain

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Roch talks to Bunday and Gausman; more HOF talk; rating super utilitymen and more...

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I could tell you that the Orioles are actively working behind the scenes to bring you a thrilling on field product and dazzling fan experience for 2017, but I have no indication this is the case. The more likely scenario is that Dan Duquette and company are playing their annual game of free agent chicken while occasionally dipping their toes in the minor league and international free agent market. Good stuff.

Gausman on wins and losses, Bundy on the cutter/slider - School of Roch
Thing Dan Duquette said regarding Mark Trumbo : “The good news is that we made a qualifying offer to him and in the event that he goes somewhere else, we get a No. 1 draft pick. And that’s something that we value"

Who's The Second Best Team In The AL East?
A lot is riding on the development of O's starters. Saints preserve us.

Baseball Prospectus | Liner Notes: The McEwing Score No love for Flash/Flahrt.

JAWS and the 2017 Hall of Fame ballot: All-Overlooked team |
Your periodic reminder that Bobby Grich was really good.

Camden Depot: Baseball America Is Striking Out Ranking Pitching Remember when Brian Matusz was a top ranked pitching prospect?

Former Orioles second baseman Alan Wiggins passed away on this day in 1991. Wiggins has washed out of the league after struggling with a drug problem and was the first current/former MLB player to die of AIDS. On this day in 2009, the Orioles signed Koji Uehara.

A very merry Gausmas to you all. The big righty turns 26 today. His possible future teammate Pat Connaughton turns 24. Former Nasty Boy Norm Charlton celebrates a birthday today. He was not available for comment regarding shoe and handbag shopping.