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Monday Bird Droppings: Duquette speaks

Projecting Manny's 2017 contract, more on Seth Smith and oh, so much more...

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Dan Duquette interviews are sort of like Rohrshach tests. Do you see a font of untruths, something tangible that you can bet the farm on, a host of self serving non-sequiturs? All or none of the above? It is this gift for public relations that got him into hot water with the relentless Boston sporting press. I imagine he's found the Orioles beat to be somewhat more malleable. Anyways, in addition to the links below, you should check out Mark's scribblings on some of Duquette's comments here and here.

There's also this week's minicamp.

Dan Duquette On Trumbo, Hammel, Bautista - MLB Trade Rumors More on Duquette's SiriusXM appearance with audio and commentary from Jim Duquette. The possibility of a Jason Hammel reunion seems to be the current soon to be dashed hope.

Orioles minicamp provides chance for new pitching coach, bullpen coach to get acclimated - Baltimore Sun A preview of this week's goings on in Sarasota.

Around the Beat: Tacoma's Bob Dutton discusses Seth Smith's game and the Mariners' hopes for Yovani Gallardo - Dan Connolly gets the Seattle beat's perspective on last week's trade.

I Love Zach Britton | FanGraphs Fantasy Baseball
As do we all...

Arbitration Breakdown: Manny Machado - MLB Trade Rumors TL:DR, they expect a bost to $11 million-ish. Not too bad.

On this day in 1903, the Baltimore baseball franchise was a purchased by a pair of New York businessman for $18,000. They established the New York Highlanders, the precursor to the Yankees. In 1915, franchise great George Sisler was granted free agency. It's a complicated tale explained in detail in Siser's SABR bio. A good one for you law buffs. Baltimore native Al Kaline was elected to the Hall of Fame in this day in 1980, Jim Palmer was elected to the Hall on this day in 1990.