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World Series Game 6 open thread

If Justin Verlander pitches like Justin Verlander, this could be the last baseball game of the year. Hopefully the two teams give us a Halloween treat.

World Series - Los Angeles Dodgers v Houston Astros - Game Five Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images

How much offense is too much offense? The Astros and the Dodgers don’t seem to have found the answer to the question yet with ever-escalating and frankly absurd run outputs. It’s been nearly 48 hours since Game 5 started and I still can’t believe all of that.

The Dodgers probably can’t believe it either, and yet here they are, back at home and on the verge of elimination, having to beat Justin Verlander to keep hope alive. OK, they don’t have to actually beat Verlander himself, they could beat the bullpen behind him. If they do, there will be baseball tomorrow. If not, it’s all going to be over tonight.

If there’s another five-plus hour game, I’m going to be honest here, I’ll be ready for it to be over. Sunday’s Game 5 was on a pace where, if it had ended after nine innings, it would have been longer than any nine-inning game ever played in MLB history. That’s not fun even for the most hardcore of baseball fans. I don’t know what is the remedy to a problem like this, but holy moly.

Anyway, this could be the last baseball game of the year, so let’s enjoy it!

Today's Lineups

George Springer - CF Chris Taylor - CF
Alex Bregman - 3B Corey Seager - SS
Jose Altuve - 2B Justin Turner - 3B
Carlos Correa - SS Cody Bellinger - 1B
Yulieski Gurriel - 1B Yasiel Puig - RF
Brian McCann - C Joc Pederson - LF
Marwin Gonzalez - LF Logan Forsythe - 2B
Josh Reddick - RF Austin Barnes - C
Justin Verlander - RHP Rich Hill - LHP