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Saturday MLB playoffs open thread

The Nationals are the only team to lose a home game so far this postseason. They play the Cubs again on Saturday. Dodgers-Diamondbacks will also have their Game 2 later.

New York Mets v Chicago Cubs Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

So far in these playoffs, a home team has only lost once. That was the Nationals on Friday night. Presumably, that will change at some point here. Another home team will lose - hopefully two, tomorrow, when New York and Boston have home games. But they’re off today, so it’s NL only for the night.

It’s further hilarious that the Nationals lost despite getting an excellent start from Stephen Strasburg. That’s the way it goes. Their offense had swooned somewhat in September, as they scored fewer runs than any other month of the season - even ones like July in which they played four fewer games. If that swoon continues, I will shed no tears for them.

Later in the evening, the Dodgers and Diamondbacks play again. Both of tonight’s games air on TBS. Maybe the games will not overlap today, the way that they all did yesterday, because there’s 3:30 between game start times. The Cubs and Nationals played about a three hour game on Friday. But it’ll come close enough to fill most of your Saturday night if you want to watch a real sport.

Today's Lineups

Albert Almora - CF Trea Turner - SS
Kris Bryant - 3B Bryce Harper - RF
Anthony Rizzo - 1B Anthony Rendon - 3B
Willson Contreras - C Daniel Murphy - 2B
Addison Russell - SS Ryan Zimmerman - 1B
Ben Zobrist - RF Jayson Werth - LF
Javier Baez - 2B Matt Wieters - C
Ian Happ - LF Michael Taylor - CF
Jon Lester - LHP Gio Gonzalez - LHP