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Wednesday Bird Droppings: Where everyone is talking about bad free agents being a good fit

We’re still waiting on the stove to heat up in Birdland.

MLB: Baltimore Orioles at Pittsburgh Pirates Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

Hello Camden Chatters. It’s hump day! We are now 133 days away from Opening Day and who knows how many days away from the first Orioles move of the offseason.

Why signing Jason Vargas makes sense - Birds Watcher
This blogger lays out the case for Jason Vargas. I'm sorry, I cannot be excited about Jason Vargas.

Projecting the statistical leaders for the 2018 Baltimore Orioles | isportsweb
I wouldn't call these projections (one of the most controversial words on Camden Chat!) as projections seem to have a method for figuring out. These are more like some dude's random predictions.

Colorado Rockies: Could they look at a trade for Baltimore's Zach Britton? - Rox Pile
With the news that the Orioles are willing to hear offers for Zach Britton, this Rockies blogger wonders if the two teams might make good trade partners. Unfortunately he doesn't speculate on who from the Rockies could be traded.

Free agents from Japan, South Korea could be a fit for the Orioles rotation and outfield - Baltimore Sun
Dan Duquette has shown a willingness to sign players from this part of the world before, here are some names of players who might be of interest.

Wondering how Moylan would fit in bullpen - School of Roch
If the Orioles sign Peter Moylan there will once again be an Oriole older than me. I hope the Orioles do something soon so that Roch can have something real to write about.

The Quest to Save Baltimore's Iconic Berger Cookie - Gastro Obscura
This is not about the Orioles, obviously, but it showed up in my search results and I thought it was interesting. The Berger Cookie might go the way of the dodo when a trans fat ban is enacted in 2018. Unpopular opinion: Berger Cookies are not good.

And finally, we have Jerry Crasnick with some obvious news about Chris Tillman:

Is today your birthday? Happy birthday! You have one current Orioles birthday buddy in Dylan Bundy. Bundy turns 25 years old today. It’s also the birthday of former Orioles John Stephens and Darwin Cubillan. The entire major league career for Stephens took place in 2002 when he pitched to a 6.09 ERA in 12 games for the Orioles. Darwin Cubillan reportedly pitched in seven games for the 2004 Birds.

On this day in 1983, Cal Ripken was named the MVP of the American League. Ripken had a 144 OPS+ that year to go with his cool .371 OBP. He led the league in doubles and hits, and had 27 home runs.