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Friday Bird Droppings: The incredible, shrinking Wieters market

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A lot of people are wondering why the former Gold Glover and All Star is unemployed...

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Really, the whole issue of Matt Wieters isn't terribly complicated, just a bit surprising. Nevertheless, lots of people are still writing about the once ballyhooed top prospect.

Pitchers and catchers report Monday. Monday!

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An expansive Manny on playing short for the DR and his long term future...

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Wieters is a blood and guts guy in a numbers market.

Agent Scott Boras: Matt Wieters similar to Carlton Fisk at age 30, helped develop O's pitchers - Baltimore Sun Scott Boras isn't selling jeans, he's selling a mentor.

Why is veteran catcher Matt Wieters still on the free-agent market? | FOX Sports
The call that set off Jeff Sullivan's response.

A humble suggestion for the Orioles’ rotation - Beyond the Box Score
Throw strikes, darnit!

On this day in 2012 the Orioles signed Luis Ayala.

It's the birthday of gloveman Cesar "Maximum" Izturis. Swingman Billy O'Dell also has a birthday today as does Lenny Webster. If you remember the backup catcher, not the relief pitcher named Alberto Castillo, I am in awe of your ability to maintain random facts. He has a birthday today, too,