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FanPost Friday: What’s your biggest Orioles worry right now?

Was the news about Chris Tillman’s shoulder enough to dent your spring training optimism? Or is some other Orioles issue worrying you?

Wild Card Game - Baltimore Orioles v Toronto Blue Jays Photo by Tom Szczerbowski/Getty Images

Spring training is the time for optimism for baseball fans, but there’s always the other side of that coin. That’s especially true for Orioles fans, since the only big story out of Sarasota so far is that Chris Tillman will not be ready to pitch on Opening Day.

The Orioles are not the only team dealing with this. Their MASN neighbors could miss Max Scherzer for Opening Day due to a stress fracture in a finger that still hasn’t healed fully despite an offseason of rest. The people currently rooting for that team obviously won’t be worried since they’ll just hop off the bandwagon if things go awry, but for committed baseball fans, these types of things are understandably worrisome.

So my question to you for this week is:

What is your biggest Orioles worry right now?

Maybe you’re worried about something general or maybe you’re worried about some specific player. Both are totally OK.

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Fair is fair, so I’ll start with mine.

My biggest worry is Dylan Bundy. It’s almost not even worth worrying about Tillman because there’s no hope for the Orioles season if he’s not well.

On the other hand, with Bundy, the Orioles apparent dogged desire to have him put into a starting pitcher’s full season workload is really concerning. What if they’re wrong and Bundy’s arm isn’t ready for that? The chaos potential goes beyond just this season, where the Orioles pitching depth consists of Tyler Wilson and Mike Wright.

Even if Bundy is healthy, maybe he never takes the step everybody is counting on. Did we actually see the best of him last year? It’s always possible and I’ll be worried about that until the season to come gives us evidence to the contrary.