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Friday Bird Droppings: Will O's arbitration win streak continue?

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So, Spring Training is, like, a thing now and I want more. More inane clubhouse chatter, more phony baloney games...more. Baseball can be such a tease. There are 45 days until Opening Day. 45.

Baltimore Orioles pitcher Brad Brach goes to arbitration, asks for $3.05M
Brach and the O's presented their cases and the arbitrators are making their decision. Will Brach finally break the O's winning streak?

Talking chemistry, PRP injections and a note from Aberdeen - Steve Melewski
I'll take things you can put a stat on for $600, Alex.

Camden Depot: Say Goodbye To Dylan Bundy's Training Wheels How healthy is Dylan Bundy right now? We'll find out soon.

MLB 25 At 25: No. 3 Manny Machado
Anyone who's been following this series on FanRag Sports will be heartened to see Machado slot in just ahead of Bryce Harper.

On this day in 2003, pitcher Steve Bechler died during a spring training workout at the age of 23. In 2014, the O's signed Ubaldo Jimenez and Suk Min Yoon.

Former pitching coach Dick Bosman celebrates a birthday today. Bosman served in that capacity for both the Rochester Red Wings and as the right hand of Johnny Oates. He would follow Oates to Texas in 1995. Alan Wiggins was born on this day in 1958. Although Wiggins only played a season and a half of games in his three seasons in Charm City, he still amassed 71 steals. Short timers Mike Hart and Scott Williamson also celebrate birthdays today.