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Kevin Gausman and Mike Wright preview the Oscars

The Academy Awards are being handed out tonight. A couple of Orioles pitchers have some thoughts on the year’s movies.

Baltimore Orioles Photo Day Photo by Mike Stobe/Getty Images

A few years ago, Robert Andino, the destroyer of the 2011 Red Sox, delighted Orioles fans with his “Andino at the Movies” Jumbotron segments. Andino is back in the organization, but he’s already said there won’t be any more of that. Sad news for all of us. Perhaps there can be a successor, though.

Enter Kevin Gausman and Mike Wright. The two Orioles pitchers, with the help of Orioles Productions, put together a preview of tonight’s 89th edition of the Academy Awards, sharing their thoughts about their favorite movies in general and the best of what they saw this past year.

You might not ever be able to pitch like Gausman, but if you watch the video, you can also learn his elaborate method for making sure that your popcorn is appropriately buttered, complete with graphic illustration. That’s almost as good, right? It’s all in this fun little four minute video:

If Wright is on the big league club this year, maybe this won’t be the last of these videos. Birdland could have its own Siskel and Ebert. What do you think about their movie opinions?