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The first televised Orioles spring training game of the year: vs. Yankees, 1:05

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The Orioles will be on TV for the first time this year and most of their real lineup will be playing. Hooray!

Baltimore Orioles Photo Day Photo by Mike Stobe/Getty Images

Unless you’ve gone down to Florida, you haven’t been able to actually watch any of the Orioles action so far this spring. They’ve played three games and none were televised anywhere. That changes this afternoon with the first of a handful of MASN broadcasts set for this spring. For those outside of Orioles territory, the game will air on MLB Network.

The first Orioles pitcher in the game is going to be Ubaldo Jimenez. It’s still only February 27, so we absolutely shouldn’t draw any conclusions about how Jimenez will pitch this season from the two or so innings that he will pitch today. But we’ll probably all feel better if he doesn’t start to make us wonder if another disaster season is beginning.

As a bonus, unlike most spring games, something resembling a real Orioles lineup will be taking the field and batting for at least the first few innings:

It’s not as good as yesterday’s lineup, which had Hyun Soo Kim leading off, but it works. And aside from Chris Johnson, everybody else is ticketed for the Opening Day lineup, barring any injury issues.

This might be the last time that most of the regulars play together for a while, because starting tomorrow, players will start to head off to practice a bit with their World Baseball Classic teams. Jonathan Schoop will be the first to depart, followed by others, including Adam Jones, Manny Machado, and Welington Castillo.

The game doesn’t count, but it’s still a game where the Orioles are playing the Yankees, so hopefully the O’s win and the Yankees lose.