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Wednesday Bird Droppings: Happy anniversary to Jones and Tillman

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Opening Day is inching closer and closer. Spring Training will be here in no time. Until then, please enjoy these links.

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Hello there, Camden Chatters. We now sit 54 days from Opening Day. The number 54 is significant because it was in 1954 that our Birds came into existence. It's also the number the Chris Tillman wore in his rookie year of 2009. He currently wears 30. I wish we were 30 days from Opening Day.

Still no big news to speak of unless you count the Yankees getting a bargain on Chris Carter and PECOTA completely dissing the Orioles again.

If you're looking for links, I have a few:

A humble suggestion for the Orioles’ rotation - Beyond the Box Score
There's a lot more to the article than this, but it's basically like when I yell at the pitchers to throw strikes. It's good advice!

Throw (Good) Curveballs with Men on Base - Camden Depot
This is a companion piece to the "throw strikes" article. Also, make quality pitches.

Showalter: Orioles making playoffs no longer enough | Spotlight |
Buck Showalter and his players expect to make the playoffs, so their expectations for success includes winning them. That's good for them. I say just focus on winning the division because the wild card is too scary.

Don't Let His Size Fool You, Orioles' Prospect OF Cedric Mullins Can Hit | Baltimore Sports Report
This guy is a big Cedric Mullins fan. He did have a decent 2016 in Delmarva, but let's not go crazy yet.

Orioles invite 12 players to spring training - School of Roch
If you've been dying to see which non-roster players are invited to Spring Training, here it is.

Orioles X-Factors - Baltimore Sports and Life
Last week our own Tyler Young wrote about his choices for the possible "X Factor" on the Orioles this year. Now BSL is taking a look at what could be a difference maker for the O's this season.

Is today your birthday? Happy birthday! Your birthday buddy is the erratic but adorable Felix Pie! Felix did not play baseball last year from what I can tell, maybe he has finally hung it up. He turns 32 today. It's also the birthday of Bob Oliver, whose eight-year career included nine games with the Orioles in 1974; and Hoot Evers, who spent a brief period in the 1960s with the Birds.

Today is the anniversary of a big trade that helped change the course of the Orioles. On this day in 2008 the Orioles traded Erik Bedard to the Seattle Mariners for Adam Jones, Chris Tillman, George Sherrill, Kam Mickolio, and Tony Butler. Raise your glass to Andy MacPhail for making this excellent trade and to Bill Bavasi for thinking it was a good idea for the Mariners.