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FanPost Friday: The best Orioles game you ever went to

The Orioles are in the middle of unveiling their list of the top 25 greatest games in Oriole Park at Camden Yards history. What’s the best one YOU went to?

New York Yankees v Baltimore Orioles

Over the last few weeks, the Orioles have been steadily revealing their list of the top 25 games in Oriole Park at Camden Yards history to commemorate the 25th anniversary of baseball’s greatest stadium. The list contains a number of the best games of the last 25 years and others whose inclusion on the list are puzzling.

For this week, what I’d like to know is

The greatest Orioles game you ever attended

If you had the good fortune to be at one of the top games everybody knows were the best, that’s an easy pick.

Maybe you missed out on the big ones and you have another game that has a lot of meaning to you. Maybe you’re an Orioles fan from elsewhere whose greatest game wasn’t even seen in Baltimore. Or maybe you’re old enough that you remember going to see the Orioles in the World Series.

What’s your story for that game? How did you get the tickets? Who did you go with? What’s the thing you remember the most from the game that sticks with you all these years later?

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Mine is one that may be a favorite for a lot of you if you happened to be there: The Cal Ripken Statue game in 2012. That season, thanks to writing for Camden Chat, I was occasionally allowed into the press box and that particular game was one I made sure I was on the schedule.

You don’t need me to tell you why I was great, but what made that game extra memorable for me is that, since I was in the press box, I was not allowed to cheer during the big eighth inning rally started by the Adam Jones home run, seen photographed above.

How was I supposed to know the game would end up being legendary? So I had to settle for banging on the keyboard to express my emotions. I might have also pumped my fist once or twice under the table. Don’t tell anybody.