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Thursday Orioles, WBC, and other sports open thread

There’s Orioles you can’t watch at 6, WBC you can watch at 10, and the whole day, there will be basketball.

World Baseball Classic - Pool C - Game 1 - Canada v Dominican Republic
He’s so good. Just look at how good he is!
Photo by Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images

When it comes to watching sports, the days don’t get much greater than the first two days of the NCAA men’s basketball tournament. There will be 16 basketball games played each of today and tomorrow, with tip-off times from about noon to about 10pm, and at some points there will be four games going simultaneously.

For good measure, added on top of that will be some Orioles spring training around 6pm tonight, which you can’t watch since it’s not on television, and also some Orioles playing in the World Baseball Classic. The Dominican Republic team that includes Manny Machado and Welington Castillo will be in action at 10pm tonight.

I’ll add in some baseball lineups later, once there are baseball lineups to add. For now, here’s the complete list of today’s NCAA tournament games, approximate tip-off times, and what channel to find them:

First set of games

No. 5 Notre Dame vs. No. 12 Princeton, 12:15pm (CBS)

No. 5 Virginia vs. No. 12 UNC Wilmington, 12:40pm (TruTV)

No. 4 Butler vs. No. 13 Winthrop, 1:30pm (TNT)

No. 1 Gonzaga vs. No. 16 South Dakota State, 2pm (TBS)

Second set of games

No. 4 West Virginia vs. No. 13 Bucknell, 2:45pm (CBS)

No. 4 Florida vs. No. 13 East Tennessee State, 3:10pm (TruTV)

No. 5 Minnesota vs. No. 12 Middle Tennessee, 4pm (TNT)

No. 8 Northwestern vs. No. 9 Vanderbilt, 4:30pm (TBS)

The Maryland game is in this group

No. 6 Maryland vs. No. 11 Xavier, 6:50pm (TNT)

No. 1 Villanova vs. No. 16 Mount St. Mary’s/New Orleans, 7:10pm (CBS)

No. 7 Saint Mary’s vs. No. 10 VCU, 7:20pm (TBS)

No. 4 Purdue vs. No. 13 Vermont, 7:27pm (TruTV)

This is really a lot of basketball games

No. 3 Florida State vs. No. 14 Florida Gulf Coast, 9:20pm (TNT)

No. 8 Wisconsin vs. No. 9 Virginia Tech, 9:40pm (CBS)

No. 2 Arizona vs. No. 15 North Dakota, 9:50pm (TBS)

No. 5 Iowa State vs. No. 12 Nevada, 9:57pm (TruTV)