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FanPost Friday: Why should somebody root for the Orioles?

There’s a good chance you were born an Orioles fan. If you were trying to win over a brand new fan to the O’s, what would you tell them?

Detroit Tigers v Baltimore Orioles Photo by Rob Carr/Getty Images

As strange as it is to imagine, not everyone on Earth was born having long-term family ties to a particular baseball team. Some people make their choices later in life for other reasons. Some people even now don’t much care about baseball and have no favorite team at all!

You might have already seen the story of the Reddit user from Croatia who took it upon himself to e-mail all 30 MLB teams to ask why he should pick their team to be his favorite. It’s an interesting experiment, even if in the comments he reveals himself to be a bad person by divulging that he is a Patriots fan who is considering becoming a Red Sox fan since he’s already a Patriots fan.

The reply from the Orioles fan services representative, Erin, is the most thoughtful and personal of the bunch that he has received to date. She mentioned a little bit of everything that the franchise has going on, including some praise for the Orioles charitable efforts.

What would be your pitch to the non-fan about why they should root for the Orioles?

Are you going to try to sell them on going to a game at Oriole Park at Camden Yards? The history of the Orioles, including three World Series championships? Or would you lean more on their recent success including the delight of getting to cheer for great players like Manny Machado and Adam Jones?

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