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Friday Bird Droppings: Joseph goes yard

Jonathan Dyer-USA TODAY Sports

The O's split their split squad match ups tying the Twins and getting worked over by the Yankees. Joe Gunkel and Oliver Drake fared poorly in the night cap against the Yankees, but Tyler Wilson and Kevin Gausman were, yay? Audio for today's game against the Pirates should be available on MLB At Bat.

Orioles' Caleb Joseph, with no RBIs last season, gets exhibition homer
Now can we move on?

Wilson and Sisco impressing in camp - School of Roch
Roch looks at today's game and Buck offers his thoughts on Chance Sisco and Tyler Wilson.

Camden Depot: Should the Orioles have Two Full Time Platoons in the Outfield? I always thought Buck would be more of a platoon guy, but it hasn't worked out that way.

Major League Baseball looks to cut down on extra-inning games going too long with a new wrinkle to the free baseball. - Philadelphia - Scout Are you ready for some GCL baseball?!

Baseball Prospectus | Baseball Therapy: Baseball Needs Some New Words I've always thought of baseball's reliance on old timey verbiage as one of its charms, but maybe it holds the sport back, i dunno.

Wee Willie Keeler  was born on this day in 1872. Keeler starred for the scrappy O's teams of the mid 1890s that were helmed Ned Hanlon. Wild man Jorge Julio celebrates a birthday today as does Bobby Munoz. Jesse Jefferson would be 68 today.