FPF: All those pitching prospects

I've always found pitchers more exciting than hitters (and it's so unfair that no one wants to give them money because their craft is more dangerous), and probably the pinnacle of O's pitchers to like from my early fandom was Bedard. Now, he's not the subject of this post because plenty of people like him besides me. I was thinking about which pitchers in the cavalry I could recall without looking anyone up, and two names came to mind.

The first is Brian Matusz. He's a lefty and so am I, and he seemed to get flustered easily, and so did I when I was younger (that is, when he was thought to have promise). He turned out to be really good at one thing, and it wasn't a terrible thing to be good at. Godspeed, Brian.

The other is Hayden Penn. I was at the game when he got his first win, and to me it was an auspicious sign. I didn't understand baseball so well then, or I might have been more cautious. He was a little funny looking, but cute in his own way. I can't imagine he was much of a conversationalist, though.

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