Favorite Oriole...Kevin Gregg??!?

Every Oriole fan Hated Kevin Gregg Because he was supposed to be our Dominant Closer and He was Straight up awful in his tenure as an Oriole... With that being said He created one of my favorite memories as an Orioles Fan. The orioles were going on there 14th consecutive Losing season and there was not much to cheer about in those times, On 7/8/11 the orioles were down by 7 and the Orioles Killer Big Papi was up, and Gregg threw to many pinches inside and finally got Papi to fly out. He exchanged words with David ortiz and the "Punches Began", the dugouts cleared in a usual game vs the Sox. we were getting killed as usual and the game meaned nothing but from that "fight" it made me feel as an oriole fan that this team actually "Cared" and the Losing was starting to get to them...

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