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Monday Bird Droppings: Bullpen worries

The Orioles finally lost a game. In the no-longer-undefeated links, O'Day is wild, Miley is wild, and so far, the whole AL East has been off to a wild start.

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The Orioles opened the season with two straight series wins, but laid an egg in the finale of the Yankees series. Is it too early to panic about Darren O'Day? The rotation? I don't know what your expectations are for Wade Miley, but five Ks notwithstanding, a seven walk outing is...concerning.

The O's will take a day to lick their wounds and head up to Boston to kick off a nine game road trip.

Orioles' bullpen implosion Sunday was inevitable - starters must pitch deeper - You're going to start seeing these articles until and unless the O's rotation can get it's act together for a spell.

Darren O'Day on his struggles in the ninth, plus more clubhouse quotes - Steve Melewski
While I always find candor in these situations refreshing, I think I'd rather a player a take care of business and be full of malarkey. Can't win 'em all though, and O'Day is a pretty cool dude.

The AL East is off to a chaotic start
Advantage: Birdland

Baseball Prospectus | Cold Takes: Do You Know This Man? On metrics versus counting stats...sort of.

On this day in 2007, Dick Kryhoski passed away. He played first base in the O's inaugural season.

It's the birthday of Mike Devereaux. Devo was a key member of the Why Not? squad as well as the Oates O's. He made a return to the O's in the Davey Johnson years, but, alas...Lee Lacy and Al Reyes also celebrate birthdays today as does human .gif generator, Chris Dickerson.