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Orioles week 2 Power Rankings: Win games, get some respect

The humans and computers in charge of power rankings seem to be impressed by the Orioles’ first week.

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MLB: Toronto Blue Jays at Baltimore Orioles
Ryan Flaherty, meet Cal Ripken. Take notes.
Evan Habeeb-USA TODAY Sports

We know computers hate the Orioles, and national broadcasters hate the Orioles, but do the folks who make power polls/rankings hate the Orioles? Not this week, it seems. The 30 (8th; Last Week: 15th)

Jonah Keri has changed up his ranking methods. “ The 30 considers a wide array of factors, including run differential, hit sequencing, team health, strength of schedule and a broader, objective overview of the overall quality of a team. Actual wins and losses make up just one piece of the puzzle.”

USA Today Power Rankings (12th; LW: 12th)

The Nation’s Newspaper wasn’t swayed much by the first week, because they actually paid attention, it seems. “Can they continue to scrape by with shoestring starting pitching?”

Bleacher Report Power Rankings (7th; LW: 16th)

Slideshow Central is bullish on the O’s - they’re in the Top 10 of their rankings. “The Orioles kicked things off with a strong showing against a pair of AL East foes, sweeping a quick two-game series with the Toronto Blue Jays before taking two of three from the New York Yankees over the weekend.” (8th; LW: 8th) uses a video to present their Top 10, and the O’s come in 8th. I just saved you a minute of your life you’d never get back. You should be a little more thankful.

CBS Sports (2nd; LW: 11th)

Matt Synder is unique in his ranking of the Orioles - #2. Even he admits he might be overreaching the mark with this. “Possibly overranked, especially in light of how poorly the Blue Jays are playing against everyone.”

Power Rankings Guru (7th; LW: 14th)

PRG is an aggregate of several national power rankings/polls, and they have the O’s at 7th.

reddit’s Power Poll (8th; LW: 16th)

The community editors over at reddit have improved their view of the O’s, vaulting them to 8th this week. “What a fun way to start off the year. An Opening Day walkoff homer from Mark Trumbo, a clutch late inning go-ahead homer from Seth Smith (who we got for Yovani Gallardo, holy shit!), and, my personal favorite, an ace-like outing from Dylan Bundy. After having some of the worst 3rd-time-through-the-order stats last year, he added his slider-cutter-thing and...damn, it's good. (15th; LW: 19th)

Ranks are based on rolling past 20 games overall. They will typically be the lowest rankings the O’s receive, and that’s the case this week. Power rankings (4th; LW: 13th)

The World-Wide Leader is suddenly optimistic about the O’s. “The Orioles are 4-1 after starting 7-0 last year. They've started 4-1 or better through five games in three of the past seven seasons (2011, 2016, 2017). Dylan Bundy and Kevin Gausman have both looked good, and the end of the game is a sealed deal with Zach Britton. He hasn't blown a save since Sept. 20, 2015, against the Rays. -- Sarah Langs, ESPN Stats & Information”

Any egregious slights or wild overestimation of this team? Any polls you’d like to see included? Add your thought down below and hit me up on Twitter @Bill_Duck21804 where you will find way, way too much discussion of politics and MMA for any baseball fan’s liking.